I get bored so easily. When I get bored, my right leg starts shaking. Or rather, I start to move it in an up-to-down sort of motion. I generally get bored easily when I'm in this certain mood, I feel tired, and my minds tired and I could never run a marathon or something but it seems like I could like, flip a coin around my fingers or roll my neck or, tap my fingers against something, forever. Or shake my leg. I guess you could say I feel stressed when I'm lazy. Which makes it all a lot more easy to understand.

You know what? I would like to have a permanent injury. Like a bad knee or something. You can explain a lot with a bad knee.

Suddenly the ground started shaking. Just a small vibration, but it was still different from what it usually feels like when the trains arive at the station. It was pitch black outside. I was sitting at one of the orange chairs waiting for a train. Any train. The lamps created yellow circles of light on the concrete platform. I was sitting right in the middle of one of those circles. I tried to turn around and spot the mountain wall I knew should be lying right behind me, but I could hardly see anything outside the bare light bulbs radious. Finally I saw a train rounding the mountain to the left. I glanced at my watch, four thirty. It had to be the train to Ashton. But the train seemed to go way to fast. It wasnt stopping. As the train came closer, i stared at the digital board at the front. Herding? But the herding train shouldnt go by before seven. Then suddenly the train slowed down. Everything slowed down. The vibrations in the ground, the movements of my leg, my hearbeat. The sound of the train had been muffled too. Everything was going in slow motion. And then I felt like I was being pulled by something towards the unlogical train. I tried to hold on to the plastic chair but couldnt. I was extremely slowly being pulled closer and closer towards the edge of the platform. When I was lying on the edge of the striped yellow zone with the train passing by only inches from my head everything suddenly regained normal speed and the trained roared past the station. And then it was as if all the movement that had been held back suddenly bursted out and I was thrown out of the platform, down against the tracks. I crashed with my leg first and then flipped over landing on my back with a searing pain in my ankle. And suddenly, there right next to me, was this porcupine, and a baseball bat.


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